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Study in the Heart of Europe

We offer now a completely new program of study Ethics and Culture in Media Communication. It is our response to society‘ s need to communicate the pressing issues in the media. We underline the ethical discernment in media communication as well as the responsibility for the future. All the foreign students are excited by the atmosphere of the historic town full of picturesque corners suitable for study.

Why Study in Olomouc? (Czech Republic)

The historic downtown of Olomouc is the seat of the prestigious and dynamic Palacký University. Founded in 1573 by Jesuits it belongs among the oldest universities in Europe.
Right in the heart of the city is the Faculty of Theology, which has been providing the highest quality education for over four hundred years.

The Program Ethics and Culture in Media Communication

The program offers both the study of basic media skills as well as an introduction to academic knowledge. You will be trained in workshops in writing, photography,
video, social media, multimedia projects and communication strategies.
And you will also be introduced to the ethical, philosophical, psychological, anthropological, religious and cultural knowledge which necessary for the profession of a communication expert.

How to Study?

You have four options. All of them are taught in English!

The Program Ethics and Culture in Media Communication

Option A – Summer School

You can try the four-week summer school in English and take the first step towards a media expert career. We focus on one of the following topics:

• History and Clash of Cultures
• World Religions and Contemporary Spirituality
• Christianity in the Postmodern World
• Social Inequality and Social Issues
• Current Topics of Social Discourse

You will be trained in one of the studios of photography, graphics, audiovisual contents, web presentations, multimedia, and communication strategies. 
• The length of the course is 160 hours, i.e. 4 weeks.
• The price is 800 – 1200 €.

Option B – Exchange Program

Would you like to study for one or two semesters during your studies? Are you a student of social sciences or humanities? The Ethics and Culture in Media Communication for
Exchange Students is the best option for you. The Exchange program is organized as part of full-time study.

• It follows ECTS standards. Your credits from Olomouc will be recognized by the sending institution you are enrolled in.

Option C – Full Time Study

You can also enroll in a standard bachelor‘s degree program. We will guide you through all the topics and workshops. We are currently working on launching the English version of the program at the minute.
• The program will take 3 years and requires 180 ECTS credits to complete, and will be organized according to ECTS standards.
• You will receive a bachelor‘s degree (Bc.).
• You must apply for study in due time.
• Program fee is 3,950 € per year.

Option D – International Program (B.A.)

If you are interested in obtaining a B.A. degree in the Ethics and Culture in Media Communication you can study in an internationally recognized course. We will guide you through all the topics and workshops. 
• The program will take 3 years and requires 180 ECTS credits
to complete, and will be organized according to ECTS standards.
• You will receive a certificate and an international bachelor of
arts degree (B.A.).

• Applicants for this program must apply for the internationally recognized course in due time. 
• The tuition fee is € 3,950 per a year.
Would you like to study the full time program (option C) and
the internationally recognized program (option D) simultaneously?

We offer a combination of both of them for a special
price of 4,950 € per a year. You can complete both of them in
three years.


Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology

Palacký University Olomouc

Univerzitní 244/22

771 11 Olomouc

Czech Republic

Foreign Relations Faculty Coordinator:
+420 585 637 340

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